We met as colleagues at BlackBerry where we supported large and diverse R&D client groups. We shared similar perspectives on HR and work in general and kept in contact after leaving BlackBerry.

In August 2015, we started a conversation.  What stood out for both of us was:

  • how individual experiences with Human Resources shaped opinions (less than stellar),
  • how HR was engaged (or avoided), and
  • how tools produced by term consultants were often not used.

In October 2015, NIMBUS HR Solutions was born.

We have continued this conversation and have honed and finalized our own corporate Mission, Vision and  Values.

How We Do What We Do

We believe it is critical to the success of any organization, regardless of size or structure, to go through a process of defining shared values. We found the exercise productive and enlightening. The outcome of our shared brainstorm session was not what we would have predicted individually. We now regularly go back to these values when making important decisions about our business. Our values represent “How we do what we do.”




This Is What Our Values Mean To Us:

 AUTHENTICITY means being honest in all our dealings and not accepting the status quo. We do this by being accountable for our actions and transparent in all we do. We do this by not selling our clients what they don’t need. We work hard to build trust with each other and with our clients. At NIMBUS, it’s about being real and acting with integrity.
UNITY at NIMBUS means moving beyond lip service around collaboration and teamwork and striving for true unity, partnering with our clients and with each other. We engage with our clients and work together for solutions that will be meaningful across their company. We honour differences and take an inclusive approach in all we do. We are proud of our work and the communities that we help.


BALANCE means taking a mindful and healthy approach to decision making, growth, deliverables, workload and partnership. We believe in sharing the load; with each other and with our clients. We also understand that behind every success, there are a multitude of lessons learned (some people call these failures or mistakes).

CREATIVITY comes from honouring differences and uniqueness. Every company is unique. In meeting our clients where they’re at, we provide responsive and meaningful solutions that are unique and culturally aligned. Nimbus is continually evolving through innovation and learning.

JOY is how we approach life and work. We have an attitude of gratitude because we love what we do and we love who we get to partner with! We do it with humour and fun. We strive to share our joy with our clients.

Why We Do What We Do

Equally important in the evolution of our company was the creation of our Mission and our Vision. After much brainstorming and discussion, we finally realized that our Mission is quite simple:

HR For Everyone

We are endeavouring to displace and disrupt the status quo on how HR is practiced, from the ground up. All organizations, regardless of size or profit, deserve access to effective and meaningful Human Capital strategies. We want to inspire work systems and work places to be engaged, healthy, and productive. Being a work zombie doesn’t seem like fun.

Our Vision was crystal clear from the beginning; it was born in our pre-Nimbus days.


As disrupters of Human Resources, we want to challenge the status quo, one small company at a time. As the anti-corporate structure, our approach is to guide, not police. We aim to provide lightweight and agile solutions that let our clients to do the stuff they want to do.