About Us

We met at BlackBerry where we supported large and diverse R&D client groups.  All of us share similar perspectives on HR and work in general.

What stands out for us is:

  • how individual experiences with Human Resources shaped opinions (less than stellar),
  • how HR was engaged (or avoided), and
  • how tools produced by term consultants were often not used.

Established in 2015,  NIMBUS HR Solutions Group continues this conversation.  Part of our evolution was to establish our own corporate Mission, Vision, and Values.

Featured Posts

Cultivate a culture of diveristy

Cultivating Culture

As I look out on my garden and reflect upon a recent client conversation, I realize how much similarity there is between nurturing my garden and cultivating a company’s culture.

Remote Work

Company Culture

For many of us, the state of emergency in Canada this past March caused an abrupt change to our day-to-day lives. Not many organizations can say that they were fully …

Nelson Mandela

Today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday. In thinking about his contributions to the world, I was reminded of his leadership style and three things I learned from him and keep close …

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