Client Testimonials

“Nimbus HR Solutions has been a tremendous asset for our business.   They have proven their ability to provide HR support that is flexible, responsive, of broad scope and suitable for a global business.   Equally important the team at Nimbus quickly became a trusted extension of our internal resources.   HR Management is a critical component of any business and I recommend Nimbus without reservation.  


“I started my own company and thought ‘who needs HR!?! That’s for large corporations who have money to burn with their corporate BS….’ . As we grew from 2 employees to 4, and then 6, and so on , I realized I need HR help! Actually, I must admit, I didn’t realize it until after I started working with Carrie and her team. With the high turnover of employees these days in the labour market, it was just too risky not to address HR. It’s like leaving your taxes and not filing them until the CRA wants to audit you – which no logical businessperson would do. The same goes for having fractional HR support from a company such as Nimbus. Everything is taken care of so you as the business owner don’t need to worry. After a whole year of working with them, I realized it’s actually the smaller companies and startups which need HR support, more than the larger companies. I have been enlightened thanks to Carrie and her very supportive team.” 


“Through our acquisition of a mid-sized Canadian Tech Company, we were directed to Nimbus HR Solutions Group to assist us with some deficiencies raised in the due diligence process. What was supposed to be an interim measure for us turned into a 4 year relationship. During that time, Nimbus provided the “boots on the ground” in Canada helping us hire key staff, define our compensation program, mitigate risk, navigate some challenging employee situations including the Pandemic. Nimbus supported us in taking this company from start up mode, and through another acquisition, to mature organization. Nimbus also has an extensive network of professionals who can provide assistance with legal issues, benefit programs, compensation reviews and more.”  


“We had a couple of key departures that hollowed out our HR department in a matter of a couple of weeks. Acting on a recommendation, we engaged Nimbus who parachuted several key resources into our operation. Not only did they learn the landscape quickly and help keep the lights on from a people perspective, but they were able to make several quick-win process improvements. Ultimately, Nimbus engineered their own replacement by recruiting for strategic HR backfills and creating a sustainable and permanent solution for us. Carrie and her team certainly bailed us out of a tough situation, something I will always appreciate”.  


“I had a very positive experience with Nimbus HR Solutions. Nimbus provided support to our organization for a number of projects and their consultant is knowledgeable, up to date with the latest HR regulations and responsive to our needs.” 


What do you do when you find yourself in a situation where you’re left without an HR department on a moment’s notice?  You call Carrie and team to step in and help you out! That was exactly where I found myself when an expected event saw the departure of the sole dedicated HR position in my former organization. Left with an untended and important role to fill, I got in touch with Carrie, who promptly came out to gameplan how Nimbus HR Solutions could help. The most immediate needs were identified and Nimbus stepped in to help manage and carry the company’s HR function through the time required, during which time staff had nothing but positive feedback about the responsiveness, knowledge and professionalism they received in interacting with the on-the-ground representative. With an experienced Nimbus professional working directly within the organization, as well as being able to tap into the wealth of experience contained at Nimbus, it made identifying the right fit for the company’s HR needs moving forward a smooth process.  


Client reviews of Nimbus HR Solutions in Burlington Ontario.
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