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Remote Work

Cultivating your Company’s Culture in a Remote-Work Environment

For many of us, the state of emergency in Canada this past March caused an abrupt change to our day-to-day lives. Not many organizations can say that they were fully prepared for the rapid change to a work-from-home model and the home-based distractions that came along with them. After days, or weeks, of working out the technology bumps, we forged headlong into the ‘new normal’, but

Did you find your Company’s culture got left at the office?

Just because we aren’t able to meet by the water cooler, gather together for the annual BBQ, or share birthday cake in the lunchroom, doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to cultivate our Company’s culture, and maybe even bring new ideas to enhance it while we are working remotely. 

New ideas to enhance culture while working remotely. 

Some companies have used this opportunity to enhance their team’s relationships by creating social times in the organization’s calendars or having a different team member present something of interest or about themselves (personal or professional) at the start of each meeting.  Just think of the possibilities!

If you are a leader, you also know how important it is for team members to understand how their contributions impact the organization’s goals. It is an evermore-powerful thing to remind them of their positive impact of now, as they may feel more disconnected as a result of changes and how your organization may have been affected by working remotely.  

This article from the Harvard Business Review shows some great ways to keep your Company’s culture alive during these times of physical distancing.